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Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering– is amongst the most sought after branches of engineering preferred by the students seeking admission to various technical institutes across India in the recent years. Electronics and Communication Engineering course give enormous job opportunities in Electronic and Software field-constant involvement in development of new components ,gadgets and machines. Electrical Technicians can excel in technical sales and marketing, production, systems management. They may also work as system engineers and work with computers and electronic equipments in the medical, manufacturing, industrial control, and military fields the demand for electronic products in India is expected to grow at a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 41 per cent during 2017 to US$ 400 billion by 2020


: Minimum 45% marks in Math + Physical science with minimum 35% marks (aggregate) in 10th Exam.


Valid rank in JEXPO conducting by WBSCTE with minimum 35% marks (aggregate) in 10th Exam.

Intake: 60 Nos.

Program Educational Objectives:

The Program Educational Objectives are as follows:

To produce Electrical Diploma Engineers who would have developed a strong background in basic science, mathematics, problem solving and analytical abilities creative thinking in their chosen field of specialization.
To produce Electrical Diploma Engineers have acquired adequate technical skills and have the ability to demonstrate technical competence.
To produce Electrical Diploma Engineers who can communicate and function effectively in multidisciplinary environment individually and in a team.
Creation of entrepreneurial talents or ability to develop self ventures and practice profession through ethical values and social responsibilities.

Head of the Department – Mr. Saikat Chatterjee

Qualification: B.Tech in Electronics & Communication Engineering

Teaching Area: Microprocessor, Microcontroller and Embedded System

Department: ETCE

Research Area (if any): Artificial Intelligence


To be recognized as a premier department of ETCE regionally, nationally and globally and a leader in supplying skilled, competent and well- disciplined electronics engineers endowed with moral values and committed to serve the society as a whole.


To produce industry ready electronics engineers by providing a world class teaching-learning environment with excellent laboratory, workshop, library and smart lecture halls.
To give emphasis on practical hands-on training based on required theoretical foundation.
To obtain accreditation from national and international bodies.
To attract competent and talented faculty and retain them by creating an environment that foster work freedom and empowerment.
To nurture career improvement with respect to higher studies and entrepreneurship development.
To increase employability and encourage entrepreneurship through collaboration with relevant industries.
To impart value based, innovative and research oriented education and training.
To develop positive attitude with communication skill.

  • Communication Engineering Lab
    Analog Electronics lab
    Digital Electronics lab
    Industrial Electronics lab
    Network Analysis lab
    Consumer Electronics Lab
    Basic Electronics Lab
    Microprocessor Lab
    Microcontroller & Embedded System Lab
    Electronics Measurement Lab
    Electronics Workshop
    Industrial Project Lab