KINGSTON POLYTECHNIC COLLGE is equipped with the best technological to support its teaching and research activities. The College campus is spread over an area of about 28 acres. The College has multi storey buildings with different blocks which accommodate all the class rooms, office rooms, Principals chambers, separate staff rooms for different departments, laboratories, toilets, etc. The class rooms are spacious and furnished. The science departments have spacious and well equipped laboratories and stores with sufficient stock of chemicals. A parking shed is available for parking the vehicles of Staff and Students. There is an auditorium which is also used for social, cultural, academic and government sponsored programmes. The College maintains a beautiful garden. Gardeners are employed to maintain the garden and to ensure a clean environment in the campus.

Seminar Room

Seminar hall is basic required infrastructure for technical education. The guest lecture, industry interaction, personality development, recent happenings in technology and science can be exposed to students very effectively. The Seminar Hall is spacious enough (3000 Sq. ft.) to accommodate 200 persons and is well equipped with all the facilities for educational meets, conferences, seminars, workshops.